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We believe prevention is the best cure! We offer a range of services that keep your health in tip-top condition.


ECG Heart Assessment:
  • Electrocardiograms (ECGs) assess the electrical activity that your heart generates. 

  • Assessment of the ECG can look for signs of heart disease, including abnormal rhythms, previous heart attacks and so on. 


Blood Tests and Screening:
  • Our services provide a wide range of blood tests to help optimise your health. 

  • Common tests may include: complete blood examination, kidney function, liver function, thyroid function and so on. 


Blood Pressure Assessment:
  • Raised blood pressure is associated with heart attacks, kidney damage, strokes and more.

  • Regular assessment of your blood pressure can help determine if further treatment is needed. 


  • All childhood vaccines, Infanrix hexa or Infranrix IPV, Prevenar, RotaTeq, Priorix, Meningitec or Neivsvac C, Comvax (Hib/HepB) or Hiberix, Boostrix, Varilrix and Infanrix hexa are available free of charge.  

  • Flu Vax, Tetanus Pneumovax, Hepatitis A & B, Depo Ralovera and Whooping Cough (Pertussis) vaccines can be arranged.  

  • Ongoing school program vaccinations are also available.  

  • Travel vaccination advice and requirements are available but may not be covered by Medicare rebates.


Smoking Cessation & Weight Loss:
  • Smoking and losing weight is difficult.

  • We provide a range treatment options to help you kick your habit and/ or lose weight.



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