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Antenatal and Post-natal Care:
  • We have 2 doctors that can provide a shared antenatal service in conjunction with your hospital care.

  • Please bring your South Australian Pregnancy Record (Orange Book) with you to these appointments.

  • Following your birth, we can continue to provide care for both you and your newborn.

Cervical screening:
  • Regular cervical screening help detect pre-cancerous changes of your cervix.

  • This allows for early treatment to prevent cervical cancer.

  • Current guidelines recommend 5 yearly pap-smears in women aged between 25-70.

Family Planning & Contraception:
  • The doctors can have an in-depth discussion about the different types of contraception.

  • They can assist you to determine the most suitable contraception for you.

Implanon & Mirena Insertion & Removal:
  • We can remove and replace your intrauterine devices or Implanon.

  • Leaving them in past their recommended life span can reduce their effectiveness.

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